My name is Stef Olivier. I am a professional auctioneer for the past 11 years with a passion for my trade. I have been performing now for a number of years, and have been lucky enough to have found satisfaction, pleasure, and joy in my chosen profession. This web site aims to serve as my on-point contact with the world at-large, and to list out my services to anyone who is interested. I have put up the following pieces of information this far on my web site:

About Me: Find out all about my background and performances, and look up my resume.
Services: A simple list of the services I offer as an charity auctioneer.
Gallery: Check out recent news items and pictures related to my work
Contact Me: Details on how you can reach me.

Like they always say, a web site is always a work in progress. This one is no different. I shall be posting newer pictures, content, and news items as they emerge. If you are interested in utilizing my services or would like to keep in touch with the latest happenings in my professional career, I invite you to follow my site. Please do feel free to contact me for any information regarding your charity event . Thanks for looking me up!!

David Wilkinson

This is a late and overdue thanks to you for your superb contribution as auctioneer at our Wine Auction last Saturday evening. You were fantastic! Everybody has commented to me on your excellent managing of the auction and the lovely relationship you established with the guests.

You made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed – this in turn led them to be confident about their bidding and participation. We raised just over R32 000 which was more than I had hoped for. This is largely due to you! So please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for being here to help us and for offering your services. I hope that you will join us again next year when we repeat the exercise.

Paul Burton

It was a fantastic success. Thank you Stef – you waited so patiently for the field to finish and for Jake White to talk; then you were excellent and I feel you really got the most out of all the lots. Excellent work, thank you. I had a number of compliments made about the professionalism and efficiency of the auctioneer. 6 bids, totalling R 50,600 (Range Finder R 1,100 + Heli Flip/Grand Beach lunch R 10k, Cobras training R 8k, Braumeister Bierfest R 4,500; Newlands Test Match Day 2 R 14,000 and Day 1 R 13,000.
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